9 Things That Will Make You Look Dumb In A Presentation


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Whether you’re presenting to investors, customers, or employees, communications expert Bill Rosenthal says you should be sure to avoid these gestures.

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This post originally appeared at Inc.com.

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1. Don't gaze down.

Never look away from your audience. In the outside world you may multitask and look at your Blackberry while ordering a latte, but never lose eye contact with those who have come to hear you speak. Eye contact helps you connect to people and enhance feelings of trustworthiness and likeability.

This post originally appeared at Inc.com.

2. Don't clasp your hands.

Fidgeting with your hands is distracting. Don't clap, knuckle crunch, or cuticle pick. Unless you are pointing to something in your presentation or making a big movement, keep your hands by your side.

This post originally appeared at Inc.com.

3. Don't dance.

When you use your arms, gesture from the shoulder--not your elbow--to avoid looking like you are doing the chicken dance.

This post originally appeared at Inc.com.

4. Don't look messy.

5. Don't turn away from the audience.

6. Don't hem and haw.

7. Don't rush.

8. Don't chortle.

9. Don't roll your eyes.

You don't want to distract your audience--or inadvertently convey disdain--with visual effects like rolling your eyes. This is especially true when you're responding to questions, or comments, and you don't want to appear impatient.

This post originally appeared at Inc.com.

So what SHOULD you do?

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