The Worst Thing Mitt Romney Said In That Leaked Fundraising Video

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The talk of the moment is that leaked video of a Mitt Romney fundraiser (first surfaced by Mother Jones’ David Corn) in which he claims that 47 per cent of the population sees itself as victims, and feels entitled to free food from the government, and so would never consider voting for anyone but Obama.The 47 per cent is a completely bogus statistic, but that’s not really the worst thing that Romney said.

The really bad line comes right after rattling off the 47 per cent stat, wherein he says: “I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

If you’re part of the population who doesn’t pay income taxes, according to Mitt Romney, you don’t take personal responsibility and care for your lives. So that’s just an insult.

We’ve seen a defence from Romney folks, that all he’s doing is making an inartful comment on dependency and the size of the government, and that it’s not controversial that the GOP candidate would make a point that too many people are dependent on government.

And that’s generally a fine argument, but usually the argument is made like this: The best way to improve people’s economic standing is to introduce them to free enterprise, give them a job, etc.. If you do that, give them the dignity of work and earning a wage, then they’ll vastly prefer that to a life of getting handouts.

Here Romney is turning that argument on its head. Rather than blasting Obama for fostering a culture of dependency, he’s saying that the blame goes to the uncaring, lazy people on the receiving end themselves, and that bringing about improvements for them is pretty much a lost cause because of their nature.

Here’s the full clip. (Watch Also: The 10 Best ‘Rich Mitt’ Moments >)

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