The Worst Performing Stocks Of 2011

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2011 has not, thus far, been a stellar year for the S&P 500. The index has only had a return of 1.79%, and is now near its March 2011 lows for the year.We looked through the index to find the biggest losers.

#17 Goldman Sachs

Return to date: -24.47%

Goldman Sachs has been hit by the larger selloff in the banking sector, but also the weakening U.S. economy and fears over further regulation.

Source: Bloomberg

#16 Motorola Mobility

Return to date: -24.54%

Motorola Mobility was recently downgraded to underperform by BMO due to greater competition in the mobile phone space.

Source: Bloomberg

#15 Genworth Financial

Return to date: -26.07%

Genworth Financial recently sold its Medicare business to Aetna for $290 million, while the company has struggled along with the rest of the financial services industry.

Source: Bloomberg

#14 Cisco Systems

Return to date: -26.55%

Cisco has lost market share to rivals and had problems with its consumer electronics business in 2011.

Source: Bloomberg

#13 Computer Sciences Corp

Return to date: -26.87%

S&P recently put Computer Sciences Corp on negative credit watch on concerns over weak public sector demand.

Source: Bloomberg

#12 Broadcom Corp-A

Return to date: -28.71%

Broadcom has been hit by the global chip slowdown as a result of the Japanese disaster.

Source: Bloomberg

#11 MEMC Electronic Materials

Return to date: -28.98%

MEMC has been downgraded recently over concerns about the market for solar panels.

Source: Bloomberg

#10 Alpha Natural Resources

Return to date: -29.77%

Alpha Natural Resources recently acquired Massey Energy for $7.1 billion.

Source: Bloomberg

#9 US Steel Corp

Return to date: -30.18%

Fitch recently lowered US Steel debt to a junk rating because of its cash usage.

Source: Bloomberg

#8 RadioShack Corp

Return to date: -31.20

RadioShack has performed so poorly, it is being kicked out of the S&P 500.

Source: Bloomberg

#7 Janus Capital

Return to date: -32.24

Janus Capital reported better than expected Q1 results.

Source: Bloomberg

#6 Staples Inc

Return to date: -34.30

Staples recently issued a dividend of $0.10 per share.

Source: Bloomberg

#5 Tellabs Inc

Return to date: -34.67

Tellabs sales have fallen sharply, while it is simultaneously increasing investment.

Source: Bloomberg

#4 Hudson City Bancorp

Return to date: -37.38%

Hudson City Bancorp was recently upgraded by FBR Capital Markets.

Source: Bloomberg

#3 Akamai Technology

Return to date: -38.87%

Akamai's shares are sliding with the rest of the content delivery network industry, as big cable firms enter the game.

Source: Bloomberg

#2 American International Group

Return to date: -40.76%

AIG is getting hit by U.S. disaster costs and its plans to cut the U.S. government's position in the company.

Source: Bloomberg

#1 Monster Worldwide

Return to date: -42.57%

Monster's shares are falling with weakening U.S. employment data, which suggests their product will have limited use for employers.

Source: Bloomberg

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