LinkedIn Users Share The 15 Most Ridiculous Interview Questions They've Ever Been Asked

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It’s an arduous process: Preparing your resume, dressing in your most impressive outfit and answering whatever questions are thrown your way.And when the questions are ridiculous, it definitely throws you off. 

The Women’s Professional Network group on LinkedIn asked users for the worst interview questions they’ve ever been asked. 

We’ve chosen the most outrageous 15 out of 350 that were available. Here they are: 

1. “How many golf balls does it take to fill a school bus?”  -A group media manager in the Twin Cities.

2. “For a sales interview…the interviewer picks up a pencil and says ‘sell me this.’ So random and pointless.” -An Internet researcher in Pennsylvania.

3. “I was once asked what part of a hamburger I would want to be and why…. I ended up getting the job and asked about that question — they said it was just to test my reaction to something unexpected.” -A public relations manager in Washington, D.C.

4. “When interviewing people, I always ask, ‘Are you an arse****?’ It throws them off guard.” -An HR professional in San Diego.

5. “Hmmm…ok so now what do you want to do?” -A medical devices professional in San Diego.

6. “If you had to take just one album to a desert island, what would it be?” -A website editor in New York City.

7. “I only brought you in because we need to interview some women for this position. Oh, and can you fill out that EEOC form on the way out?” -A tax services professional in Houston.

8. “Are you an Obama supporter?” -A business manager in Florida.

9. “Would you rather fight a tiger or a shark?” -A marketing intern in Detroit.

10. “UCLA. That’s in San Luis Obispo, right?” -A nonprofit worker in San Francisco.

11. “Are you old enough to have this job? I was 35 at the time.” -A sales manager in Washington, D.C.

12. “If I looked in your bedroom closet at home….what would I find?” -An architectural designer in Grand Rapids, Mich.

13. “How many gas stations are located in the U.S.?” -An HR manager at Hollister in Chicago.

14. “Did you know this company is very much against the Military?” -A development manager in Texas.

15. “Would you feel comfortable attending functions in the all-white section of the city?” -An executive director in Arkansas.

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