10 Mansions That Are In Serious Need Of A Makeover

centre island twinight mansion $22.5 million

Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby’s Realty

While sifting through luxury real estate listings all day, we’ve often found that the more expensive the home, the more horribly it’s decorated.From all-pink bedrooms to overdone chandeliers, we’ve highlighted some of the worst decorated rooms we could find.

This Fifth Avenue townhouse is on the market for $49 million. It was originally on our list of homes we hoped would sell in 2012.

But after a second look, we realised that it's totally over-the-top.

No wonder it hasn't sold.

This Georgia estate is on sale for $20 million.

The rooms inside were featured on HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms.

But all that money still couldn't buy them a good decorator.

This $53 million estate in Bel Air is basically a private country club.

This bedroom looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismol spilled everywhere.

With all the limestone and marble touches, 22-carat gold leaf detail, and hand-carved paneling, this house is just a bit much.

This $22.5 million Ch√Ęteau on Long Island was inspired by Marie Antoinette.

It's called Twinight. And it feels like a museum.

Hopefully the sellers will take the chairs with them, so you'll only have to repaint the ceiling.

But we think your friends might be scared away by your bad taste in decorating.

The chandeliers are extremely opulent for a bedroom. And there are two of them.

This Parisian-style mansion in Dallas was on sale for $46 million, but recently hit the auction block.

The Chanel rug in the bathroom is so tacky.

At least this carpet could hide any stain.

This $46 million chalet in France has the decor of a cruise ship.

The couches. The wall colour. Need we say more?

From the canopy to the comforter, everything is so wrong in this bedroom.

This pink house in the Bahamas is on sale for $39.5 million.

The interior decorating is a scheme only the Bahamas can pull off.

The busy comforter and matching curtains hardly make this seem like a peaceful place to rest.

This is the inside of a $15.9 million Mediterranean estate in 90210.

We're surprised the couch doesn't have plastic on it.

Is the gold-clad bedpost really necessary?

This front-line beach property in Marbella, Spain is listed for $23.8 million.

The house reminds us of a spoof on Caesar's palace.

Is this the inside of a circus tent?

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