10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go Shopping On Black Friday

Black Friday Urban Outfitters 2011 mob

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Black Friday is known for two things:1) the savings you can get on TVs and toasters, and

2) the sheer violence of sleep-deprived shoppers-turned-zombies with no regard for human life.

Past Black Fridays have turned into a sort of competition between shoppers, as people have knocked down and stampeded over each other on their way to savings.

This year, people are already camping out in front of Best Buy stores, and other retailers like Walmart and Target are kicking off the shopping frenzy early by opening on Thanksgiving night.

Find out how Black Friday brings out the worst in everyone and why it should be avoided at all costs.

1. Because you could get pepper sprayed by crazed shoppers

2. Because it's unfair for store employees to deal with hundreds of shoppers-turned-zombies

3. Because video games aren't worth crushing someone to death for -- no matter the price

4. Because some people will trample pregnant women and children

5. Because shoppers will trample people even if they're screaming for their lives

6. Because it's not worth it to risk your life for a pair of jeggings from Urban Outfitters

7. Because it's worth it to risk your life for a pair of H&M branded jeggings

8. Because you don't want to be caught on camera fighting for a $2 waffle maker...

9. ... or for $6 bed sheets

10. And if none of those videos scared you off from going Black Friday shopping, then this compilation will

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