20 Overused Words In Tech Press Releases Around The World

A member of the United States Naval Academy freshman class shows his exhaustion during the annual Sea Trials training exercise at the U.S. Naval Academy. Patrick Smith/Getty Images

A unique enterprise global software platform, designed for real-time consumer social enhancement, will deliver innovative cloud-enabled hardware solutions for the next generation of local leadership.

The above sentence looks good, sounds good but doesn’t say a lot. It is put together using most of the top 20 most-used – or overused – words and phrases in technology press releases globally.

The list was put together by Spectrum Communications and Max Australia using Dow Jones’s Factiva database.

Spectrum and Max looked at 65,720 press releases in the database produced by technology companies globally between January 1 and March 31.

More than 60 commonly used tech words and phrases were checked to see which ones appear more often in press releases than others.

Some are so popular they get used more than once in a press release.

Here’s the top 20: Global, Software, Platform, Solution, Growth, Innovative, Cloud, Deliver, Enterprise, Enable, Consumer, Unique, Social, Real time, Opportunity, Enhance, Local, Hardware, Next generation, Leadership.

There were a few surprises in some of the phrases and words which didn’t appear as often as others. These include BYOAS or Bring Your Own Apps (19), Phablet (55), cost efficiencies (101), viral (191), and Big data (3,152).

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