The World's Most Unique Buildings


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When travelling around the world, we often snap pictures of impressive sights.Some people enjoy the cobblestone streets of Old Europe, while others might enjoy impressive new modern structures in upcoming cities.

Whatever your taste may be, international architecture always stands out to tourists who can appreciate these strange buildings that locals are probably already used to.

Cubic Houses (Kubuswoningen): Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Dutch have a notable record for their simplistic nature of the Dutch Design. These innovative houses are based on the concept of “living as an urban roof”; high density housing with space on the ground level. The design also represents a village within a city. These are actual living complexes; some owners use the space to make a living from showcasing these unique spaces. Also, the Dutch hostel chain Stayokay has a hostel in the larger cubes.

Container City: London, United Kingdom

With limited and expensive housing in such a posh city as London, imagine an innovative way to create a flexible space. Container City is an Urban Space Management project made out of shipping containers used as office space. Since 2001, these environmentally friendly spaces (A residential space is made of 80% recycled material.) are home to Youth centres, Classrooms and even residential spaces.

Atlantis: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It’s funny to say you can’t really look back at what this space used to look like since it was built on a man-made island. With a resemblance to a grand castle, the Atlantis in Dubai is based off the Atlantis in The Bahamas. The six (Yes, six) star resort features a theme park, conference centre and over 1,500 rooms.

Montreal Biosphère: Montreal, CanadaWhen you’re creating an environment museum, why not create it in the likes of a biosphere? Built during the World Fair Expo 1967, the clear dome almost looks like a huge fish bowl. Enjoy the green vibe of the structure by viewing their wind turbines, solar panels and geothermal system.  

Kansas City Public Library: Missouri, United StatesThe world may joke that everything is as flat as Kansas, but this building is anything but flat out boring. Technically called the Community Bookshelf, the library is built as a row of book spines standing against each other. The shelf showcases 22 titles reflecting the interests of Kansas City readers. Just don’t expect to try to take out any of these books; they are just for show!

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