The 35 most expensive tasting menus on the planet, ranked

Restaurant de lhtel de ville crissier switzerlandRestaurant de L’hotel de villeSwitzerland’s Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville ranks No. 11 with a $US773 tasting menu.

One of the best ways for foodies to truly experience the world’s best restaurants is by ordering a multi-course tasting menu.

But it’s not for everyone — these carefully crafted and elaborate meals can sometimes cost as much as $US1,000 a head.

From the experimental Sublimotion restaurant in Spain to the innovative Noma in Denmark, here are 37 restaurants with the priciest tasting menus in the world.

NOTE: We calculated the cost of a meal for two people, and included the price of a wine pairing where applicable. Unless otherwise indicated, the listed cost does not include gratuity or tax. Foreign prices were converted at today’s conversion rates.

35. The Restaurant at Meadowood, St. Helena, California (TIE)

$US450 for two people; 9-10 courses (wine pairing additional $US225 per person)

The Restaurant at Meadowood caters to every guest's individual preferences so that the tasting menu perfectly suits your palate.

And even though the dishes may vary from night to night (or from customer to customer), they are all guaranteed to be presented and cooked by Chef Christopher Kostow and his team with impeccable attention to detail.

35. Addison at the Grand Del Mar, San Diego, California (TIE)

$US470 for two people; 10 courses

Addison has a four-course tasting menu that costs $US98 per person, but it's the $US235 10-course tasting menu that's truly unforgettable.

The chef's tasting includes an array of signature delights -- duck with port wine, for example -- and the dishes served change depending on the ingredients that are in season.

27. Schauenstein Schloss Restaurant Hotel, Fürstenau, Switzerland (TIE)

Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau

$US514 for two; six courses

Chef Andreas Caminada experiments with innovative molecular dishes inside a historical castle in Fürstenau.

Diners can sit on a charming outdoor patio as they enjoy dishes like lobster chips with mustard and bite-sized Bloody Mary rolls with goose liver. Don't be surprised to find iPads incorporated into your dining experience.

25. Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, Dubai, UAE

$US517 for two people (including service and gratuity); seven courses (wine pairing additional $US106 per person)

A carpaccio of wild seabass, ricotta tortellini, and roasted veal chop smoked in hay are just a few of the fabulous offerings to grace the table at Reflets.

And it's not just the food that's decadent -- expect pink damask chairs, Murano glass chandeliers, and mother-of-pearl-adorned walls.

24. Amber, Hong Kong, China (TIE)

Facebook/Amber at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

$US564 for two; six courses

Amber welcomes diners to an elegantly low-lit bar with leather sofas and bronze rods suspended along the ceiling.

For meat lovers, the Game Menu includes everything from pheasant cooked with sea urchin and caviar to a pie made from succulent duck and mushrooms. There's also a nine-course tasting menu at $US256 per person for those who might want to take it easy on the meat.

21. Restaurant Frantzén, Stockholm, Sweden

Facebook/Restaurant Frantzén

$US598 for two; 14 courses

Restaurant Frantzén offers a multi-course tasting menu that references Asian cuisine in a playful presentation.

Dishes include scallops cooked in their own shell, goose egg yolk sabayon, and the signature 'satio tempestas' dish, which includes as many as 40 different seasonal vegetables cooked in a variety of ways.

20. Kurumazushi, New York, New York

$US600 for two; courses vary

Kurumazushi is a traditionally-styled Japanese sushi restaurant run by Chef Toshihiro Uezu. Centered around the sushi bar, visitors sample omakase from one of the earliest destinations in NYC.

The restaurant opened in the late 1970s and has been serving outstanding Japanese cuisine ever since.

18. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare, Brooklyn, New York

$US612 for two people; 15+ courses

At three-Michelin-starred restaurant Brooklyn Fare, the tasting menu is focused on seafood, with both raw fish and shellfish options. It changes daily to reflect the freshest ingredients of the season and lasts approximately two hours.

Sit back and watch as Chef Cesar Ramirez and his team prepare the elaborate courses right in front of you.

16. Le Pré Catelan, Paris, France

Le Pre Catelan

$US632 for two; seven courses

At Le Pré Catelan, diners can enjoy immaculate dishes prepared by Chef Frédéric Anton while sitting underneath the chestnut trees that rest on the restaurant's terrace.

The seven-course tasting menu includes savoury dishes like lobster ravioli, foie gras cream, and an incredibly fresh basil sorbet. The restaurant also offers a five-course tasting menu at $US496 per person.

15. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Alifu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives

Courtesy of Conrad

$US640 for two; six courses

Enclosed by glass and submerged more than 16 feet in the water, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant has a six-course tasting menu and a setup that lets diners gaze out at stunning views of the ocean.

The tasting menu includes everything from lobster carpaccio and reef fish tartare to saffron champagne risotto. There is also a lighter four-course menu that's offered at lunchtime and costs $US195 per person.

13. Maison Pic, Drôme, France

$US722 for two; nine courses

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic is one of few female chefs to run a Michelin three-star kitchen. At Maison Pic, the nine-course Essential Menu includes an array of simplistic modern dishes that range from an herb-infused parmigiano consommé to a beeswax panna cotta wild honey mousse.

With round tables that offer privacy and large sofas for an intimate experience, diners can enjoy a delectable meal in an inviting setting.

12. L'Arpège, Paris, France

$US766 for two people; 12 courses

Alain Passard's L'Arpège centres most of his courses around vegetables from his garden -- and by garden, we mean five acres of farmland.

His entrées all live up to the three-Michelin-star rating, but it's the Oeuf à la Coque that's the signature dish. It's a lightly cooked egg yolk with crème fraîche, maple syrup, vinegar, and spices.

It may sound complicated, but some diners will make a special trip to Paris just for this amuse-bouche.

11. Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville, Crissier, Switzerland

$US773 for two; 10 courses

Led by Chef Benoît Violier, this three-starred Michelin restaurant takes diners through a culinary journey of caviar, mussels marinated in saffron, turbot with crushed star anise, and hearty dishes like roasted rack of lamb with a violet mustard jus.

A selection of fine cheeses offers a light change of palette before diving into dessert -- a frozen duo of apricots doused in caramel almonds and hazelnut.

10. Urasawa, Beverly Hills, California

$US790 for two; 30 courses

Urasawa's Michelin-starred chef Hiroyuki Urasawa is known for his outstanding sushi courses prepared in his intimate, 10-seat restaurant.

Some have an inventive blend of ingredients -- like shabu shabu with foie gras, lobster, and scallop -- but most are simple and rely on the freshest ingredients available.

8. Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, Paris, France (TIE)

Facebook/Le Meurice

$US856 for two; six courses

Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse, run by Chef Alain Ducasse and Executive Chef Christophe Saintagne, serves up grand French cuisine.

Set within luxurious decor that resembles the royal apartments of Versailles, the restaurant offers diners a collection menu that currently includes staples like lobster, vegetables cooked in a salt crust, and farm hen with savoury mushrooms.

4. Kitcho Arashiyama Honten, Kyoto, Japan

Yelp/Anthony T.

$US905 for two; 12 courses

Kitcho is run by Chef Kunio Tokuaka, who serves every dish as a work of art. Plates are served in priceless antique tableware with local and seasonal ingredients, and the restaurant offers beautiful views of the nearby river and sloping hills.

Inside, there are several private tatami rooms with separate gardens for a more intimate experience.

2. Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China


Starts from $US1,254 for two; 20 courses (including beverage pairing)

Ultraviolet is an experimental restaurant by Chef Paul Pairet, where a four-hour meal is served with accompanying sounds and visuals.

Pairet's plate of fish and chips emerges as raindrops fall on the walls and music from the Beatles plays in the background.

1. Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain

$US3,377 for two; 20 courses

Sublimotion, located at the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, is run by Chef Paco Roncero and includes an extensive three-hour-long tasting menu for 12.

With around 25 staff members catering to diners, the tasting experience includes everything from DIY cocktails, 360-degree projections, neon dining tables, and dishes that incorporate experimental techniques.

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