Here Are The Dramatic And Bizarre Headlines About Ferguson, Missouri From All Over The World

From Northern Ireland to North Korea, the protests in Ferguson, Missouri — and the military-grade response from local police — have made headlines around the world.

These protests came after a white police officer shot an unarmed black 18-year-old named Michael Brown on Aug. 9, causing so much civil unrest that Missouri called in the National Guard to the city of 21,000 people.

Countries like the UK, Canada, and Australia cover the news with a similar tone to that here in America. The Guardian offers extensive coverage with up-to-the minute updates:

Guardian Coverage Ferguson

In Australia, the depth of analysis reveals some foreigners are paying close attention:

Russia Today (RT) is close to the Putin administration, so it’s a bit rich of RT to focus on the curfew being a restriction on freedom of assembly:

Russia coverage of Ferguson

RT is also giving air to a bizarre theory that a Ukrainian rebel commander who stopped appearing in public somehow resurfaced on the other side of the world in Ferguson:

Russia Rebel Theory - Ferguson coverage

Press TV in Iran is running pretty straight-forward coverage of Ferguson, but sometimes its guests are a little wild. On Monday Press TV spoke with a Canadian lawyer who alleges it’s all part of a secret government plan to commit genocide:

Iranian coverage of Ferguson

China’s comprehensive international coverage isn’t staying far from what we hear in the West, but sometimes the media gets defensive. One newspaper reports the Russian Foreign Minister saying, “Before the U.S. forces us to accept their so called experience, more effort should be made to restore domestic order.”

This headline reads, “Demonstrations over police shooting black Americans continue, police arrest 47.”

Xinhua News’ commentary: “The Ferguson incident shows once again that even in a country which plays at a being perennial human rights defender, there are problems at home with huge room for improvement. Clearly, the United States needs to concentrate on solving their own problems instead of throwing accusations at other countries.”

This headline reads, “More injuries in renewed Ferguson riots”:

24 Horas in Mexico City made Ferguson its front page, with a the headline reading, “Riots Escalate in Missouri”:

Germany’s Der Spiegel (“The Mirror”) is following Ferguson closely. In this article it reports that two German journalists from Die Welt (“The World”) were arrested, taken in for questioning, and later released:

Germany coverage of Ferguson

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