Our List Of The World's Largest Social Networks Shows How Video, Messages, And China Are Taking Over The Social Web

Everyone’s familiar with the mind-blowing numbers describing Facebook’s huge user population.

We’re less used to seeing different social media compared side-by-side, according to how many users or visitors they have.

When all of the planet’s social networks are compared in a simple list, some surprising facts emerge.

  • First, global messaging apps like LINE and WhatsApp already have achieved significant scale, and so have social video platforms like YouTube, and China-based Youku.
  • Meanwhile, social networks that get a lot of attention, like Twitter and Pinterest, are relatively small.
  • Finally, we also see the eye-opening size of some China- and Russia-centric social media.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we compiled a list of the world’s largest social networks. Here is the ranking as of Oct. 30, 2013 (Ranked in terms of reported or estimated global Monthly Active Users or MAUs, unless noted):

  1. Facebook (1.15 billion MAUs)
  2. YouTube (1 billion MAUs)
  3. Qzone (712 million total users), China
  4. Sina Weibo (500 million total users), China
  5. WhatsApp (350 million MAUs)
  6. Google+ (327 million MAUs)
  7. Tumblr (300 million monthly unique visitors)
  8. LINE (275 million total active users), Japan
  9. Twitter (240 million MAUs)
  10. WeChat (236 million MAUs), China
  11. Tencent Weibo, (220 million MAUs), China
  12. LinkedIn, (184 million MAUs)
  13. Youku, (175 million MAUs)
  14. Instagram, (150 million MAUs)
  15. Tudou, (114 million MAUs), China
  16. RenRen, (54 million MAUs), China
  17. Pinterest, (50 million MAUs)
  18. Badoo, (45 million MAUs), Cyprus
  19. Orkut, (44 million MAUs)
  20. Foursquare, (40 million MAUs)
  21. Vine, (40 million MAUs)
  22. vkontakte, (31 million MAUs), Russia
  23. Myspace, (30 million MAUs)
  24. Snapchat (20 million MAUs in the U.S.*)

*Business Insider’s Alyson Shontell has recently reported Snapchat’s global user base at 30 million globally.

Here’s a chart showing the same data:

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