The world's largest cattle station is for sale - and it's in Australia and bigger than Israel

The Anna Creek Station homestead. Photo: Kerry Raymond/Wikipedia.

Anna Creek Station in South Australia, on the edge of the Simpson Desert between Coober Pedy and Lake Eyre, is the largest cattle station in the world.

And now it’s up for sale as part of the vast family-owned S. Kidman and Co. empire, Australia’s largest private landholding.

ABC Rural reports the family is putting the 116-year-old business up for sale, lock, stock, barrels and all 15 properties, covering 100,000 square kilometres of the Australian outback. It’s expected to be worth more than $300 million in a bouyant market. The Adelaide-based company also has extensive holdings in Queensland, as well as the Northern Territory and Western Australia, including feedlots.

At just under 24,000 square km – 2.4 million hectares – Anna Creek Station is bigger than Israel and about the same size as Rwanda and seven times larger than the biggest ranch in Texas. It almost closed down in 2008 following prolonged drought, but in good times can hold up to 14,000 head of cattle.

Kidman & Co. has more than 200,000 stock producing grass-fed beef for export to Japan, the USA and South East Asia. It was founded by Sir Sidney Kidman in 1899.

Full details on the sale will be released in May.

Here’s a map of the Kidman properties across Australia, with the arrow pointing to Anna Creek Station.

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