'The World's End' Is Cleverly Using Celebrity Endorsements To Get People To See The Movie

Normally, right before a movie comes out in theatres, we see a bunch of trailers containing quotes from critics highlighting how awesome their movie will be.

They’re so ubiquitous that we’ve become desensitised to them promising us how “great” any old movie will be.

So when a trailer for “The World’s End” came on the other night in my house starting in the same fashion, I tuned it out until I heard the words, “Robert Downey Jr. proclaims ‘It’s the best movie I’ve seen all summer … besides mine of course!'”

That was hilarious.

Whether or not Downey Jr. actually loved the film, it felt more genuine than press in other trailers telling me a flick was “the best they’ve ever seen.”

Having missed the rest of the trailer, I eagerly waited for it to play again.

When I next saw it again, I was happy to see more commentary from directors Peter Jackson (“Lord of the Rings” series) and Joss Whedon (“Avengers”).

Focus Features — who’s distributing this movie — really nailed it with this trailer.

It was just a totally different, refreshing approach for marketers.

I didn’t need to even know anything else about the film to want to see it. (For those who are wondering, it’s a science fiction flick starring Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman who discover an alien invasion in their hometown.)

I’m not saying more trailers should do this. If everyone starts adding in “quotes” from famous actors and directors than those too will become overkill.

Rather, the message for marketers to take away from this is to be more unique to capture a viewer’s attention. It’s a must-watch.

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