The World Plays 5 Million Hours Of Angry Birds Per Day

angry birds

We knew Angry Birds was a phenomenon, but WOW!

Each day, people spend 300 million minutes the Rovio game, the Telegraph reports.

That is the equivalent of 5 million hours or more than 200,000 days per day.

Rovio says 30 million of the 130 million players play every day.

By comparison, people upload roughly 70,000 hours of video to YouTube every day.

Andrew Stalbow, Rovio’s general manager for North America, also said there would be a movie in 2014 based on a cartoon series.

“We are now working on creating a cartoon series of the games for early next year. They will only be short, between two to three minutes in length – but we are looking at working with a network provider to get them to go out on television as well as online,” he told the Telegraph.

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