The fourth highest-ranked golfer in the world will play Donald Trump next week -- but he was hesitant to accept the invite

Hideki MatsuyamaGetty ImagesHideki Matsuyama.
  • The world number four golfer Hideki Matsuyama will play golf with US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime mMnister Shinzo Abe next week.
  • Hatsuyama hesitated before accepting Trump’s invitation as he did not think he was “good enough” to play with the President.
  • Hatsuyama, Trump, and Abe will play golf at the Kasumigaseki Country Club — a potential golf venue for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan.

One of the best golfers in the world hesitated before accepting an invitation to play a game against President Donald Trump in Asia next week — and it wasn’t because of politics.

Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama described the Trump match as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” but told the Kyodo news agency in Japan that he had to hesitate before accepting the invitation.

“I wasn’t sure if I’d be good enough,” the eight-time Japan Golf Tour winner said. “I hope to have fun so the day will be engraved on my memory. And I’ll do my best not to lose.”

Matsuyama, ranked number four in the world, will link up with Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Kasumigaseki Country Club — a potential golf venue for the 2020 Olympic Games, according to The Guardian.

Matsuyama won’t be the first professional golfer to have played with Trump this year.

Four-time major champion Rory McIlroy played 18 holes with Trump at the Trump International in Florida on February 19.

He said the strangest thing about playing golf with Trump was seeing secret service agents and snipers “in the trees.

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