The World Is A Happier Place, Except For Australia

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The world is a happier place than it was, according to the 38th annual WIN/Gallup International survey.

As 2014 comes to a close, 70% of those surveyed in 65 countries say they are happy, up 10% from 2013.

Of the 64,002 people polled just 6% declared to be unhappy, compared to last year’s 12%.

Fiji is the happiest country in the world (93%). But Australia rates well below the world average with only 57% saying they are happy.

This outlook is coupled with just 14% of Australians saying they think 2015 will be one of economic prosperity. One-third (37%) of Australians think next year will be difficult and 41% see 2015 as more of the same. Australians are unhappier than those in the Americas where 67% of people say they are happy with their life.

In other questions asked in the survey, three out of five people globally would go to war for their country, but only 29% of Australians would go to war compared to 48% in the Americas.

Africa appears to be the happiest region in 2014 with 83% of those surveyed across the continent
being content, followed by Asia (77%). The Americas come in third with 67%.

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