Forget Banksy -- These Are The Greatest Street Artists In The World [PHOTOS]

Urban art is very much alive and goes well beyond Banksy’s recent stint in New York City.

The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti” by Rafael Schacter profiles more than 100 of today’s best street artists from all over the world and the environments in which they perform.

“World Atlas” aims to capture “the spontaneous creativity that is inherently connected to the city.”

Basically, it is the definitive survey of international street art.

The author shared some works with us.

'Red Square' by Radya in Ekaterinburg, Russia, 2011 (Photo by Radya)

(Page 267)

'Plucking Pennies' by Buff Diss in Adelaide, Australia, 2011 (Photo by Mick Bradle)

(Page 361)

'Monterrey' by Los Contratistas in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 2011 (Photo by Isauro Huizar)

(Page 110)

'New Year's Party Balloon' by Anthony Lister Brisbane, Australia, 2011 (Photo by Keiron McMaster)

(Page 378)

A work by Nazza Stencil in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012 (Photo by Nazza Stencil)

(Page 138)

'Map' by Aram Bartholl in Taipei, China, 2009 (Photo by Aram)

(Page 209)

A work by Jetsonorama in Cow Springs, Arizona, USA, 2012 (Photo by Jetsonorama)

(Page 57)

'Tolerancia 0' by Sixeart in Barcelona, Spain, 2011 (Photo by Sixe)

(Page 308)

'Vanity' by Ekta in Gdańsk, Poland, 2011 (Photo by Ekta)

(Page 241)

'La Vrai Croix' by Honet in Prague, Czech Republic, 2012 (Photo by Honet)

(Page 166)

'Starfish Project' by Nuria Mora in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2011 (Photo by Nuria)

(Page 284)

'Milestone' by Dal East in Cape Town, South Africa, 2012 (Photo by Dal)

(Page 392)

A work by Pedro Perelman, Chu, and Tec in Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil, 2011 (Photo by Tec)

(Page 141)

And another by the crew in Osasco (Photo by Tec)

(Page 141)

A work by Momo and Eltono in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011 (Photo by Eltono)

'Knocked On Your Door' by Espo on 5027 Market Street in Philadelphia, USA, 2009 (Photo by Adam Wallacavage)

(Page 19)

Now compare those to Banksy in NYC

Children pose for their parents photo with a new installation of British graffiti artist Banksy's art, in New York October 20, 2013

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