This photo shows how the word 'wedding' can cost you more

The wedding industrial complex isn’t exactly a secret.

From dresses to wedding shorts, retailers and brands can tack on a wedding-related word to a profit and then make bank.

Also included in that complex? Beverage flutes, as evidenced in the photo below.

The photo, which was first found through Imgur (via Reddit), shows two sets of flutes.

The ones that say “wedding” cost $3 more than the “party” flutes cost …even though they are exactly the same.

While the argument for paying more can be made for a wedding dress (“It’s the dress of your life, and if there is ever one picture your [descendants] have of you it’s the one in your wedding dress,” wedding dress designer Anne Barge explained to NPR), the same argument cannot exactly be made for a set of flimsy $12.99 flutes, which brides and grooms will probably not look back on as the glasses of their lives.

Wedding flutes cost more than party flutes

Earlier this year, Consumer Reports reported that it had secret shoppers go to find out if the wedding mark up was, indeed, real, when it came to shopping for vendors for that big day. In many instances, it was.

“In more than a quarter of cases — 28%  — vendors quoted us prices that were higher for the wedding than for the anniversary party. That kind of wedding surcharge played out more in some areas than in others,” the website wrote.

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