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Lauren SimonettiLauren Simonetti of FBN

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Since we’ve already ran through the lovely ladies at CNBC and Bloomberg TV, we couldn’t leave Fox Business Network behind.The fledgling network, which is an offshoot of Fox News Channel, only began broadcasting in 2007, so it’s the youngest of the financial news networks, but there’s no short of powerhouse anchors and reporters on staff.

Most recently, they’ve hired away notable journalists like Melissa Francis from more established network CNBC.

So check out the ladies that make this business network work…

Tracy Byrnes

What she does: A reporter for FBN, frequently appearing on 'Cashin' In,' 'Bulls and Bears,' and 'Your World With with Neil Cavuto.'

Background: Byrnes has previously worked for and the New York Post. She has an MBA and a background in accounting.

Source: FBN

Cheryl Casone

What she does: Anchor on FBN and hosts 'Cashin' In' on Fox News.

Background: Casone has previously worked for CNN and CBS. Prior to that, Casone worked at several local TV stations. She has a degree from Northern Arizona University.

Source: FBN

Liz Claman

What she does: Anchors Countdown to the Closing Bell and After the Bell.

Background: Claman has previously worked for CNBC and several local TV stations. She won an Emmy for her work on the talk show 'The Morning Exchange' at an ABC channel in Cleveland. Claman graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.

Source: FBN

Melissa Francis

What she does: Anchors segments on FBN.

Background: Francis used to work for CNBC, where she was the first journalist to report live from the NYMEX. Before that, she worked at CNET and other local news stations. Francis has a degree from Harvard.

Source: FBN

Shibani Joshi

What she does: Reporter for FBN specializing in Wall Street and markets.

Background: Joshi formerly worked as an analyst for Morgan Stanley, where she focused on real estate. Joshi's journalism experience include stints with CNN, Reuters TV, and the Times of India. She has an MBA from Harvard.

Source: FBN

Elizabeth MacDonald

What she does: Reporter for FBN.

Background: MacDonald previously worked at Forbes, where she covered the stock market and helped develop the 'World's 100 Most Powerful Women' list. Prior to that, she worked at the Wall Street Journal, Worth magazine and Money magazine.

Source: FBN

Dagen McDowell

What she does: Anchors for FBN, was formerly a business reporter with Fox News.

Background: Formerly, McDowell worked for and SmartMoney magazine. She has a degree from Wake Forest University.

Source: FBN

Nicole Petallides

What she does: Reports from the NYSE floor for FBN.

Background: Petallides used to work at Bloomberg News, where she also covered news from the floor of the NYSE. Before that, she was an assistant producer for CNBC, and also worked for Dow Jones' TV projects and other local news channels. She is a graduate of American University.

Source: FBN

Lori Rothman

What she does: Anchors for FBN

Background: Rothman previously worked as an anchor for Bloomberg TV, where she was an anchor and reporter. She has also worked at several local tv news stations, and holds a journalism degree from the University of Southern California.

Source: FBN

Lauren Simonetti

What she does: Currently a reporter covering economic news, formerly a field producers.

Background: Before FBN, Simonetti worked as a writer at CNN. She's also worked for Lou Dobbs Tonight and done production work for CNN International, and holds a masters degree from Columbia University.

Source: FBN

Sandra Smith

What she does: A reporter for FBN.

Background: Smith formerly worked for Bloomberg News. Before that, she worked at Terra Nova Institutional, where she worked with investors and hedge fund accounts. Her experience on the street also includes a stint as a trader at Hermitage Capital. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University.

Source: FBN

Gerri Willis

What she does: Host of 'The Willis Report'

Background: Willis formerly worked at CNN Business News and Smart Money magazine. She has a degree from Columbia Business School.

Source: FBN

Now check out the ladies at CNBC...

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