The Woman Who Launched Google Wallet Has A New Job

google wallet event
Stephanie Tilenius at the Google Wallet introduction in May 2011.

[credit provider=”Steve Kovach, Business Insider”]

Stephanie Tilenius, who oversaw Google’s mobile phone payment system, Wallet, has a new job as the head of international commerce for the company.AllThingsD says that Tilenius will still be reporting to the same boss, Jeff Huber — he is one of Google’s seven product heads, leading commerce products — so it looks like a lateral move rather than a demotion.

But Google Wallet hasn’t really taken off since Tilenius introduced it at an event last May in New York. The idea is to let users pay at retail stores by tapping their phones against a special receiver.

But so far, only two phones from one mobile carrier supports Wallet — the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S from Sprint. Verizon has blocked the Google Wallet app from its phones. Google is working on getting other carriers to support it, the company says.

Tilenius was also the object of a lawsuit from PayPal, which it filed on the day Wallet launched. PayPal alleged that Tilenius and another former PayPal employee, Osama Bedier, stole trade secrets when they left for Google. Tileinus joined Google in 2010 after a decade at PayPal and eBay.