The Woman In Charge Of Salvaging EA's $400 Million Acquisition Just Quit

catharina malletCatharina Mallet was in charge of EA’s latest huge project.

Photo: LinkedIn

Catharina Mallet, who was in charge of a “Hail Mary”-level game that was supposed to make Playfish a relevant competitor to Zynga, has left Electronic Arts, sources close to the company tell us.One source told us it sounds like she has another job lined up.

When EA spent $400 million on social gaming company Playfish, the hope was that it would be able to compete with Zynga.

Well, almost three years later, it’s clear that didn’t happen. The acquisition hasn’t yielded much.

To salvage the $400 million deal, EA put Catharina Mallet in charge of producing a new “AAA title” designed to make a dent in the hyper-competitive social gaming space.

This brand new project seems more important than Sim City for Facebook, a project sources tell us EA has been working on for several years. It’s been kept under heavy wraps.

We reached out to EA for comment, but historically have not heard back from the company.

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