The woman famous for explaining 'why women still can't have it' perfectly explains how anyone's priorities can change

Anne-Marie Slaughter once famously explained ‘why women still can’t have it’. In her interview with Business Insider, she explains how anyone’s priorities can change over time. Following is a transcript of the video.

I mean the title to be, “Why women can’t have it all… yet.” Right? I was never saying that women can’t do exactly what men can do. I was just saying that we got a long way to go, but no, the shock to me was that when the chips were down and our son really needed both of us there, I would have told you, “But wait a minute, but this is my dream job and my husband was there and he’d be fine” and – but when the chips were down, it was clear to me that no matter how ambitious I was, and I wanted that job and I wanted the next one, this was the right thing to do. And once I realised that, it’s not that I think every women should make my choice or every man.

Man and woman make different choices. But I came to understand all those women who are really forced because their work won’t let them do both or because they have a divorce or because of a child with special needs or a husband who just won’t do it or is earning much more money. They feel like somebody’s gotta be there and now I really respect that choice. Well, what I tell people is, when you are 25, remember who you were at 15. Right? You’re really different. Now think, “OK I changed that much between 15 and 25. I’m going to change that much again between 25 and 35.” So at 25, I wasn’t thinking about kids. I mean they were in some distant land. My 30s were a distant land. At 35, all I could think about was “how do I have a baby?” Right? And then 35 to 45, so what I tell people is, you already have changed that much. Assume that you can not know right now who you will be 10 years from now.

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