The Wolf Of Wall Street Called An Australian TV Journalist A F--- Wit

Jordan Belfort (Photo: Getty/Michael Loccisano)

The so-called Wolf of Wall Street has slammed Australian television journalist Liz Hayes.

Jordan Belfort recently stormed out of an interview with the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes program, after Hayes asked him about his financial arrangement with an Australian talent management agency.

Speaking to radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O on Kiis FM this morning, Belfort ripped into Hayes, calling her a “[email protected] wit”.

“I’ve done probably a thousand interviews and I’ve had some really tough journalists that were unfriendly and not nice,” Belfort said on radio.

“But this was a very different sort of interview. This was a complete attack.

“If you saw the unedited version you would realise what an F-wit she [Liz Hayes] is because she kept asking me, literally 15 of the same question and then she started attacking the integrity of the Fordham company [the management company].

“Suddenly she started attacking, saying that the Fordham company is in cahoots with me to hide money and that was when I was done.”

Belfort spent 22 months in a US federal prison after ripping off ordinary investors with a pump-and-dump scheme, in which the value of penny stocks were inflated before they were offloaded for a profit. He’s since been portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street movie, which is based on his best-selling memoir.

60 Minutes executive producer Tim Malone issued a scathing statement to News Corp Australia.

“Jordan Belfort is a sad, pathetic narcissist, who ripped off more than 100 million dollars from 1500 investors, and then ratted on his mates to save himself,” Malone said.

“His attack on Liz Hayes is deeply offensive, but true to his character,” the statement said.

Here’s the video of Belfort storming out of the interview:

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