One of 2016's best games just arrived on iPhone and iPad

Beautiful and brilliant puzzle game “The Witness” is available now on iPhone and iPad. It costs $US10, and it’s beyond worth your time.

The WitnessThekla, Inc.This is what the game looks like on PlayStation 4. It looks very similar on iPhone and iPad.

Did you play “Monument Valley” or its sequel on your iPhone or iPad? Perhaps you loved it? Then “The Witness” is for you. It’s a brilliant puzzle game that demands attention, and it’s also a brilliant exploration game set on an island full of secrets.

It’s a game set in first-person — what you see above is the view of the player, not just pretty scenery — where you solve puzzles. What type of puzzles? These type of puzzles!

The WitnessThekla, Inc.This one is simple. It gets much more complicated very quickly.

Everything on the surface of “The Witness” seems simple, but a universe of depth lies hidden underneath. The puzzle above, for instance, is simple: Start at the circle, and make it to the end point in the upper right corner. It’s simple because it’s teaching you something simple, which “The Witness” then starts building on. By a few hours in, you’ll be solving logic puzzles that would make no sense had you seen them without preparation — without a learning curve that the game carefully builds in.

For me to say more about “The Witness” could ruin an otherwise incredible voyage of discovery. For $US10, rest assured that you’re beyond getting your money’s worth. You can buy “The Witness” on iOS right here.

“The Witness” is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Check out a trailer for it here:


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