How Much Will Charlie Weis Be Paid For Getting Fired?

Charlie Weis

In October 2005, seven games into his job as head coach of Notre Dame, Charlie Weis was given a contract extention through 2015, worth a reported $30-40 million.

But now, he’s been fired.

It’s at times of firings like this that attorneys. and sports fans, really want to get a look at the exact contract language. 

Will Weis be able to escape the South Bend winters and sit on the beach until 2015, counting the millions he’ll continue to be paid for doing nothing? 

Will he be given some sort of unofficial title to make it sounds like he still does something on campus? Golf course design?  Student mentoring?  Assistant to the assistant intramural girls soccer offensive coordinator?

Does the contract include some sort of golden parachute-like clause saying he’d earn that much if he was kept on, but gives him some sort of giant check — but less than full pay — should he be kindly asked to leave?

Does it say he’ll receive his salary minus any salary he makes in the NFL?

Is he prohibited from taking any other college job, or risk giving up his entire salary?  (Probably yes to this.) 

Or, if he takes another job, any job, will he be paid nothing at all? (This would make the most sense, but was probably a scenario Weis’s lawyer tried to avoid)?

Basically, we just really want to know. People can, of course, set up a contract almost any way they want and we would love to see Weis’s. 

If you have, do tell.

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