Nintendo’s Wii Fit: Like A Brisk Walk, Only More Expensive


We don’t have our hands on a Wii Fit yet (it goes on sale May 19), but other people do. And The Guardian (UK) passed out the Fit to one of its readers to see what she thought of it. Her verdict: It didn’t help her lose weight, but it was a lot of fun. Some interesting excerpts:

“It can calculate your Body Mass Index and “Wii age” (mine was 33 but changed to 45 when I was hung over!).”

“I enjoyed the Wii, but, as someone who has run marathons, it was nothing like as strenuous as a gym workout. The skiing was hilarious, but a half-hour brisk walk would probably be better exercise.” (emphasis added)

So the Fit is fun, but it may not get you ready for bikini season. But that’s OK. Because when you think about it, the Wii, even priced at $90, is less expensive than a monthly gym membership (our local 24 Hour Fitness is $170 for the first month and $50/month after that). And for a lot of us, that money just evaporates in the sauna. At least the Wii Fit will stay safely tucked below our TV.

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