The weirdest things we saw at the UKIP conference

BOLTON, LANCASHIRE — UKIP gathered at the Macron football stadium on Friday for the party’s wintertime spring conference.

Paul Nuttall was in town with the crucial Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election on the horizon, as was former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and around 400 loyal members.

UKIP conferences are typically colourful affairs and this most recent meet-up was no different.

Here are some of the strangest things we saw at the Macron stadium on Friday.

A cardboard Paul Nuttall

Nuttall was keen to avoid journalists on Friday with the controversy about his false claims about losing personal friends in the Hillsborough disaster following him around wherever he went. Instead, we were treated to a cardboard substitute.

Another cardboard Paul Nuttall

Cardboard Nuttall was everywhere. You could buy one of your own for the bargain price of just £50.

We couldn’t resist.

Christian soldiers who think the EU is trying to bring down our lord and saviour Jesus Christ

The Christian Soldiers are a small subsection of UKIP members who believe that leaving the EU is the duty of a Christian because the EU is a godless organisation hellbent on throwing the UK into eternal darkness.

I quote: “Bible believing Christians who support Britain’s membership of the European Union [EU] are committing spiritual treason against almighty God and his kingdom.”


The Christian Soldiers of UKIP are also deeply suspicious of climate change. Look they have diagrams with numbers and everything.

A new invention that protects postmen and women from having their fingers bitten off by dogs

On the third floor of the conference venue was a man advertising his handy new invention.

It’s called Postie Mate.

Basically, it’s a spade that you can use to post letters through letterboxes but more importantly, means you don’t have to push your fingers into the letterbox and risk them being bitten off by dogs.

Here’s an example of a letterbox where you could use a Postie Mate.

Forget Brexit. This is the game-changer.

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