People are calling out The Weeknd for a 'homophobic' new song that suggests lesbianism is a 'phase' and he can 'f--- a girl straight'

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesThe Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye.
  • The Weeknd’s new song “Lost in the Fire” has racked up seven million streams on Spotify in the few days since its release.
  • But not everyone is a fan of the lyrics.
  • People are calling him out for being “homophobic” on Twitter.
  • One lyric goes: “Well, baby, you can bring a friend/She can ride on top your face/While I f— you straight.”

The Weeknd’s new song, a collaboration with French producer Gesaffelstein called “Lost in the Fire,” has already racked up more than seven million streams on Spotify in the few days since its release – but it hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

In the song’s second verse, The Weeknd describes dating a girl who “might be into girls.” He seems to suggest being gay is “a phase,” and he can “f— her straight.”

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Writer Jill Gutowitz tweeted about the lyrics, saying they were “f—— vile.”

“i used to joke that listening to The Weeknd was homophobic but the lyrics from his new song ‘lost in the fire’ are actually f—ing vile,” she said. “In 2019 we’re still doing “f— you straight” and calling female queerness a ‘phase?'”

Musician Marika Hackman added to the criticism, saying The Weeknd had managed to “deride, fetishise and dismiss lesbianism all in one verse.”

The Weeknd has yet to respond to the criticism, but he did say in a tweet last week that there would be “no more daytime music,” suggesting his material was going to get more controversial.

INSIDER has reached out to a representative of The Weeknd for comment.

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