Facebook Is Watching Google+ Like A Hawk

zuckerberg talking

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The war between Google+ and Facebook is full on.Earlier today, Facebook sent an email to press outlets announcing that it would have some new information for game developers later this evening.

Minutes later, Google+ head Vic Gundotra posted about Google’s own plans to add games to Google+.


That’s very doubtful given how many Facebook employees are ex-Googlers and how cross talk in the Valley happens.

Just look at how Facebook knew about Google+ Circles last year, and rushed to get an answer out months before Google+ launched. That answer, Facebook Groups, is pretty incomplete compared with what Google launched, but the point is that these companies are like a couple of information sieves. (Unlike, say, Apple.)

In other words, every time Google+ telegraphs a big move, you can bet that Facebook already knows about it and has planned a response.

Prediction: Google+ will almost certainly improve its photo-sharing capabilities in short order. Look for Facebook to release its own mobile photo-sharing app around that time.