The Walking Dead Season Premiere Demolished All Basic Cable Ratings

the walking dead

Photo: AMC screencap

“The Walking Dead” won’t stop breaking records. Last night’s season three premiere of “The Walking Dead” opened to 10.9 million viewers, making it the biggest telecast for any drama series in basic cable history.

This blew away the show’s season two premiere of 7.3 million viewers which, at the time, brought in AMC’s best numbers to date.

Throughout its three airings last night, the show took in an estimated 15.2 million views all together.

That’s impressive considering:

1. The carriage dispute between DISH and AMC takes nearly 14 million households out of the equation.


2. AMC live-streamed the show from its site last night for fans and DISH subscribers to view.

Despite its record-high series ratings, it wasn’t enough to beat out “Hatfields and McCoys” record 14.3 million viewers that made it the most-watched telecast in basic cable history.

Here’s how “The Walking Dead” following has built over time:

the walking dead ratings

Photo: Kirsten Acuna / Business Insider


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