17 questions we have after 'The Walking Dead' season 9 finale

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCIs ‘The Walking Dead’ putting Carol and Daryl together?
  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season nine finale, “The Storm.”
  • “The Walking Dead” season nine has come to an end and we’re left with some serious questions about romantic entanglements, the status of the Hilltop, and other survivors out there in the zombie apocalypse.
  • INSIDER wraps up the season with a look at what questions you most likely have after the finale about Carol’s relationship status, Maggie, and where the Whisperers were during the blizzard.
  • Showrunner Angela Kang spoke with INSIDER to answer some of the many questions we have after Sunday’s episode. Let’s get to it.

Who is that mystery caller on the radio?

AMCIs this someone calling from where Rick is or somewhere else?

This is one of the largest questions from the season nine finale. The moment King Ezekiel conveniently leaves the radio by itself we hear a distress call asking if anybody is out there.

“They basically are saying, ‘Hello, hello, is anybody out there?’ And, we sort of are being a little coy at this point, to be honest. It becomes a part of the story going forward in season 10,” showrunner Angela Kang told INSIDER.

In the comics, Eugene actually hears from a person in Ohio named Stephanie. She’s a member of another community called the Commonwealth. We don’t know yet whether or not the show will take that route.

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How much time passes between Henry’s death and the start of the season nine finale?

Gene Page/AMCWe’re trying to keep tabs on how much time has passed in the zombie apocalypse.

Showrunner Angela Kang tells us it’s been a few months since Henry’s death. They’re tracking time by Rosita’s pregnancy.

“She was probably barely pregnant at the time of the death,” Kang told INSIDER of Rosita’s pregnancy. “We jumped forward to [where] she’s quite a bit pregnant.”

I’d estimate Rosita is probably in her fifth or sixth month of pregnancy when we see her on Sunday’s finale. Without getting specific, Kang also said a bit of time passes between the snow storm and when we see Alpha and Beta again. It’s not a huge amount of time. It appears the show shifts from winter to spring quickly at the finale’s end.

Where were the Whisperers during the blizzard?

Gene Page/AMCWe see Beta and Alpha briefly near the end of the finale.

Kang told us they weren’t even in the area so the communities were actually safe from them on Sunday’s episode.

“What we wanted to imply was [that the Whisperers] are a migratory group,” said Kang. “So, they may have gone South for the winter. They’re not even in the same space, but there probably has been a little bit of time that’s passed.”

Who was making some of the awesome artwork we saw at the fair and of Henry we saw on Sunday’s episode?

AMCWe’ve seen some fun artwork the past two episodes.

According to “Walking Dead” aftershow “Talking Dead,” episode director and executive producer Greg Nicotero asked the prop team to make the cards right before filming the scene in order to capture McBride’s real reaction.

Did Father Gabriel ever tell anyone about Anne and the helicopter?

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCA helicopter in the zombie apocalypse? That seems like something you want to tell your friends about.

This is a question someone asked me recently, and I hope it’s one that’s addressed on season 10. It’s tough for me to imagine one of the leaders of Alexandria keeping something like that to himself.

If we do eventually see Gabriel tell others about the helicopter Anne was planning to leave on, it may serve as an impetus for Michonne to set out and find Rick.

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Who’s going to lead the Hilltop now that Tara, Enid, and Jesus are dead?

Gene Page/AMCIt doesn’t seem like anyone would really want to take on the role of leader of the Hilltop.

The role of Hilltop leader seems to be a cursed role. Gregory, Jesus, Enid, and Tara are all dead now. Will we see Maggie return briefly to resume her role on the show?

From the finale, it appears the Hilltop has formed a council similar to Alexandria’s for now. Yumiko briefly mentions it to Michonne on the season nine finale. Ideally, we’d love to see some of the longtime members of the Hilltop community running the show together like Bertie, Kal, and Eduardo. They have been protecting it since season six.

Is the show pushing Carol and Daryl together?

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCCarol and Daryl have been good friends since season two.

On the season nine finale, Carol left King Ezekiel to go back to Alexandria with her old friends Daryl and Michonne. That may have excited fans who have wanted Carol and Daryl to get together.

On “Talking Dead,” Norman Reedus said he doesn’t think Daryl would swoop in and steal Ezekiel’s wife from him.

“I don’t think Daryl’s going to be like ‘Screw you!’ because that’s his friend’s husband. He’s more worried if Carol wants Daryl out of the picture than he is about what the King wants,” Reedus said of Daryl being in the middle of the King and Carol’s relationship. “He also can sympathize.”

What about Connie and Daryl?

Gene Page/AMCIt didn’t take long for parts of the fandom to ‘ship these two together as Donnie.

Ever since Lauren Ridloff’s addition to the show, we’ve really enjoyed Connie’s camaraderie and interactions with Daryl. It already seems like Daryl’s dog is a fan of her, too.

What does “PPP” mean and are we ever going to hear anything about that again?

AMCTara found this random card on season seven.

When Heath disappeared on season seven, the only clue Tara found about his whereabouts was a card that appeared to say “PPP.” We never saw her give it to anyone or tell anyone about it.

With Tara gone from the show, is the mystery of the card she found dead as well?

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Is Negan going to return to his cell or is Michonne eventually going to ask him for help with the Whisperers?

Gene Page/AMCRelease the Negan.

On the show, Negan has been jailed for over eight years or so, which is much longer than in the comics before he made an escape. On Sunday’s episode, Negan reminds Michonne that no one ever thinks they’re the evil ones. Most people think they’re doing the right thing to survive.

Without Rick and Jesus, I think Michonne may need someone like Negan to go up against the Whisperers. In the comics, Negan winds up meeting Alpha and Beta and it leads to an excellent character arc for him in the comics when he nicknames Ryan Hurst’s character Stabby McTwoKnives.

At the least, Negan probably earned some points for saving Judith and dog out in the storm.

“There’s some really interesting story for Negan moving forward, and we’re going to kind of play with our version of it, but we just thought what is the way in which Negan gets out of prison in our world, and how is that similar to or different from the comic book version?” Kang told ComicBook.com. “This all plays in his story moving forward.”

On “Talking Dead,” Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, suggested it may be wise to let Negan go after Alpha.

“Is this a way for him to redeem himself by taking her out?” McBride asked.

Where is Oceanside’s Cyndie?

Gene Page/AMCSydney Park has been MIA on ‘The Walking Dead.’

When the communities united together at the fair, Cyndie didn’t go to represent Oceanside. Instead, it was Rachel. It’s unclear whether or not Cyndie is still alive in the zombie apocalypse.

Sydney Park, who plays the character, is currently starring on the “Pretty Little Liars” spin-off, “The Perfectionists.”

Speaking of characters we haven’t seen in a while, where’s The Hilltop’s Eduardo?

Gene Page/AMCEduardo is somewhere in the ‘Walking Dead’ universe.

Kang told INSIDER he’s alive!

“Eduardo, I think he probably is at the Hilltop,” said Kang of where Eduardo may be. “Also, we have people kind of going back and forth on journeys, so there may be some more Eduardo in the future or not. It’s also a subject to scheduling and things like that.”

According to ComicBook.com, Zimmerman was set to appear on season nine, but he had a schedule conflict filming a role for Disney’s upcoming “Jungle Cruise” movie starring The Rock.

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Where is Maggie and will we see her again soon?

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCWe’re hoping to see Lauren Cohan again.

On the season finale, Michonne asks Yumiko if the Hilltop has received any word from Maggie. Yumiko says they haven’t.

Even though Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, left the show earlier on season nine, we have a feeling we’ll see her again. Kang teased to INSIDER in February that they have been talking about having Cohan back in some capacity.

On Sunday’s “Talking Dead,” Kang briefly teased that’s in the cards.

“It was a momentous year. I knew that we had to write out Rick,” said Kang. “We found out, as we were partway through the story, that we were going to be writing out Maggie, at least for a while.”

Cohan currently stars on ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier,” but it’s tough to imagine Maggie would ignore returning home, even briefly, after the combined deaths of Jesus, Tara, and Enid.

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Why did Carol come across Lydia as she tried to get bitten by a walker?

Gene Page/AMCCarol stops Lydia from committing suicide.

Kang said on “Talking Dead” this was an Easter egg to the comics.

“In the books, Carol actually commits suicide by zombie,” said Kang. “It’s at the prison. She’s got this zombie tied up and she walks right up to it and looks it in the face and she let’s it chomp her.”

Why is Negan the ONLY person who went after Judith in the snowstorm?

Gene Page/AMCNegan instantly goes after Judith without hesitation.

Michonne would have had Rosita, Father Gabriel, and Siddiq’s heads if they showed up to Alexandria without Judith. Yes, they called after Judith, but Negan’s the only one who went running through the blizzard for her. Did they just figure Negan had it covered?

Why did it take so long to see snow on the show?

Gene Page/AMCIt took nine seasons to see snow walkers on the show.

Michonne references on the season nine finale previous winters they have encountered, but we’ve never seen any of them on the show. It sounds like something Kang has wanted to see for a long time on the show.

“When I interviewed for the job on the show before the second season, I asked Frank Darabont at the time, ‘Hey, do you think we’ll do snow?” Kang said on “Talking Dead.” “It’s taken all this time because there’s so many logistical challenges.”

Kang explained how the ice and frozen pond are made of wax.

“They’re using paper snow, they’re using plastic, they’re using foam to fall. VFX comes in… adds breath, adds desaturated trees,” said Kang. “It’s all kind of an amazing undertaking. I was just really happy to get to do it after all these years and just in case I got fired.”

Where are we heading on season 10?

Gene Page/AMCExpect to see more of the Whisperers.

“I think what we’re really excited to tell is the story of what happens next with the Whisperers,” said Kang. “There is definitely a major kind of conflict at this point between Alpha and Carol, but it extends kind of to all of our heroes. The Whisperers are so unlike any group that their methods and the ways that they interact with our heroes are going to be really different.”

“There will be some left turns in the story, too,” teased Kang. “We’ll work out what’s going on with this voice over the radio. And, I’m really excited for just a season which, hopefully, let’s us tell some different types of stories about how people deal with a hostile neighbour.”

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