More Than 1 Million Tweets Were Sent Out During The Season 4 Premiere Of 'The Walking Dead'

“The Walking Dead” debuted to
record high ratings (16.1 million viewers). It also had a ridiculously high number of tweets when it aired.

According to Nielsen’s SocialGuide, which tracks Twitter TV analytics, the fourth season premiere received 1.17 million tweets.

Compared to everything else that aired in the past week, the only show that came close to breaking 1 million tweets was a tribute episode of “Glee” to star Cory Monteith.

Still, more people don’t love zombies than meth cook Walter White.

Tweets for the “Breaking Bad” series finale on AMC were slightly higher with 1.2 million tweeting, according to SocialGuide. The finale episode had an all-time high viewership of 10.3 million.

Not even tweets for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards were that high. They clocked in at 924,700.

The most-tweeted show ever was an episode of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” which received more than 1.8 million tweets.

Note that SocialGuide compiles tweets three hours before, during, and three hours after each broadcast.

Compare tweets for “The Walking Dead” premiere with the most tweeted shows for the week:

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