The 10 'Walking Dead' characters fans think are most likely to die next on the show

Gene Page/AMCAs King Ezekiel and the Kingdom prepare for a big community fair, we’re getting nervous for our survivors because you can only be safe for so long in the zombie apocalypse.
  • Warning: There are some spoilers ahead from “The Walking Dead” comics.
  • “The Walking Dead” recently introduced a group of creepy villains into the mix named the Whisperers, and it’s only a matter of time until another big death is on the way.
  • INSIDER surveyed 788 “TWD” fans to find out who they believe is most likely going to die next on the show.
  • It’s not looking good for Carol’s family. Fans are really worried about King Ezekiel and Henry.

As “The Walking Dead” winds down its ninth season on AMC, we’re mentally preparing for the show’s next big death, or deaths.

Who’s most likely to leave the show next? INSIDER polled 788 self-proclaimed “Walking Dead” fans to see who they think is most likely to get killed off the show.

INSIDER asked fans to choose up to five characters they believe are most likely to die next on the show. We then asked them to select the one individual character they most likely believe to be toast. This list shows the one character fans believe are most likely to be killed off the show next.

For what it’s worth, fans feel Daryl, Judith, Carol, Magna, Maggie, Georgie, Gracie, Negan, and Aaron, in that order, are the least likely to die right now. Keep reading to see who fans think aren’t going to make it on “TWD” ranked from least likely to most likely to be killed off the show.

Who took this survey?

Respondents to our “TWD” survey ranged in age from under 17 to 75 and older. The largest percentage of survey takers (34%) were between the ages of 18 to 24. There were 275 respondents (~35%) who said they watched the show since season one and 687 (87%) people said they always keep up with the show. Our survey skewed slightly female with 461 women and 303 males responding, with 21 persons preferring not to respond regarding their gender.

9. [TIE] Cyndie (2%)

Gene Page/AMCSydney Park has appeared on ‘TWD’ as Cyndie since season seven.

Few respondents said they wanted to see Cyndie gone from the show, but the reality is that we haven’t seen her and the Oceanside community since before the time jump on “TWD.”

Actress Sydney Park is set to begin starring on the “Pretty Little Liars” spin-off, so we wouldn’t exactly be surprised to see her go. We’re not sure if the Whisperers are even aware the women of Oceanside exist yet. It would be devastatingly brutal to learn they walked right through their camp and wiped them out somehow.

9. [TIE] Father Gabriel (2%)

Gene Page/AMCSeth Gilliam has played Father Gabriel on the show since season five.

Father Gabriel was also one of the top 10 characters fans said they wanted to see die on the show. Maybe fans are upset Father Gabriel seemingly left Negan’s cell door open for him to escape,something actor Seth Gilliam vehemently denies.

8. Alpha (~5%)

Gene Page/AMCSamantha Morton shaved her head for the role of Alpha on ‘TWD.’

Alpha is also the top character people want to see die on the show right now. That may be because many didn’t take kindly to her leaving a baby for dead on the show and her abusive tendencies toward her daughter, Lydia.

We’re not sure if we’ll see Alpha kick it so quickly though. She just joined the show. I’m sure Samantha Morton will be sticking around for a little bit.

7. Tara (5%)

Gene Page/AMCTara has been on the show since season season four and is played by Alanna Masterson.

I guess fans think Tara, who joined the show on season four, has outstayed her welcome on “TWD.” However, Tara just inherited the Hilltop from Jesus and Maggie. If she were to leave any time soon, it’s not clear who would run that community. (Enid?)

Tara is also among the top five characters on the show respondents want to see die.

6. Tammy Rose (6%)

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCPerhaps one of the most extraneous background characters on the show right now, Tammy was introduced on season nine and always seems to have something to complain about.

More respondents said they wanted Tammy to die on the show than Beta, one of the main Whisperer villains. Dang.

Tammy just took in that baby who was abandoned by the Whisperers, so she could be a target.

5. Alden (7%)

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCEnid JUST found herself a boyfriend and the fans think she may be changing her relationship status soon.

We think Alden may be so high up on this list since he was recently kidnapped by Alpha and the Whisperers. Now, that he’s back at the Hilltop, and in Enid’s arms, she may be less willing to let him take his chances out in the open.

One person said Alden was their single most favourite character on the show. (It wasn’t Enid.)

4. Luke (8%)

Gene Page/AMC‘Two hand’ Luke, as he nicknamed himself, is better off staying at the Hilltop for now and skipping out on the fair.

People don’t have faith that “Fantastic Beasts” actor Dan Fogler is cut out for the zombie apocalypse. Maybe it was partially because he fell into Alpha’s trap and got himself and Alden kidnapped.

It’s worth noting INSIDER ran this survey during the week when Luke was captured by the Whisperers and things weren’t in his favour at all. Only one respondent said they would be upset by Luke’s death on the show more than any other character. We just haven’t had as much time on the show to get to know the musician as we’ve spent with other characters over the years.

3. Rosita (11%)

Jackson Lee Davis/AMCChristian Serratos has played Rosita on ‘TWD’ since season season four.

Slightly more men than women thought Rosita was going to die in our survey. In the comics, Rosita does not fare well against the Whisperers, receiving an unexpected comic death.

Is “The Walking Dead” really going to kill off a pregnant woman, though? Fans voted Rosita consistently as one of their top 10 favourite characters on the show, so this would be a big loss for the fandom. She is the eighth character people would be most upset over if she was killed off the show.

2. Henry (15%)

Gene Page/AMCHenry was voted the second most likely to die when respondents were asked to choose only one person who was the most likely to be killed off.

Other than Alpha, Henry was also the character respondents wanted to see killed off of the show the most.

Things aren’t looking great for Henry right now. He did just go off on his own after the Whisperers. Carol and Ezekiel would be absolutely devastated after they let their son go off to the Hilltop to learn a trade.

That would certainly put a damper on the Kingdom’s upcoming fair.

1. King Ezekiel (23%)

Gene Page/AMCIs Khary Payton’s time on ‘TWD’ coming to a close? I hope not.

Poor Ezekiel just wants to hold a fair to bring the communities together and 166 respondents think that sort of optimism is too pure for the zombie apocalypse. It’s no secret the show likes tearing our hearts out when there’s a happy couple. We’re just worried about what losing Ezekiel could do to Carol, an undisputed favourite on “TWD.”

King Ezekiel also came out on top when fans were asked to select the top five characters they thought were most likely to die with 324 votes. In our survey, Ezekiel is ranked the seventh most favourite character on the show right now. Of our respondents, 9% said they actually want to see Ezekiel die.

Many fans may be aware that at this point in the comics, Ezekiel receives a pretty big comic death and they’re afraid to see it play out on screen.

Here’s an overall look at the votes:

AMC; Samantha Lee/INSIDERSlightly over 4% of respondents said they weren’t sure who will die next on ‘The Walking Dead.’

This is the first in a series of stories we plan to share from our first “TWD” survey. Are you happy or concerned about the characters fans think are likely to be killed off the show?

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