'The Walking Dead' just dropped a giant bombshell on fans [SPOILERS]

Glenn the walking deadGene Page/AMCFans are still waiting for an answer about the fate of Glenn on ‘The Walking Dead.’

Warning: If you’re not caught up with “The Walking Dead,” there are spoilers ahead.
The fifth episode of “The Walking Dead” season six didn’t give fans the answers they were hoping for this week, but it did drop a major bombshell.

Those tuning in to find out whether Glenn (Steven Yeun) survived falling into a massive zombie pit from two episodes ago are going to have to wait at least another week to learn the fan favourite’s fate.

Instead, the episode focused on the rest of the survivors back in Alexandria as they dealt with their own zombie drama. The show’s biggest moment came when Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and Aaron (Ross Marquand) went on a fruitless search for her missing husband in a series of zombie-filled sewer tunnels. 

Maggie aaron sewer the walking deadAMCAaron and Maggie go searching for Glenn in the sewers.

When they got to the end of the line, Maggie revealed she’s pregnant.

The walking dead season 6AMCWhen Aaron and Maggie reach an exit out of the sewers filled with walkers, the duo hesitate.
The walking dead season 6AMCMaggie reveals she’s pregnant and that it would be suicidal to continue forward. It’s not only her life she’s gambling with anymore.
Maggie the walking dead season 6AMCAaron comforting Maggie.

It’s something a lot of fans were guessing two weeks ago after “The Walking Dead” showrunner Scott Gimple teased we’ll see Glenn around in some way in the future

Glenn’s character also hinted at it in the season six premiere when he told Maggie she should stick around Alexandria with Deanna instead of placing herself in harm’s way.

The news definitely shocked some fans.

But a lot of fans felt it was coming.



If you’re a fan of the comic series you probably saw this coming a mile away.

Maggie’s pregnancy becomes a big part of the story in later issues.

For those still trying to figure out if Glenn is alive or dead, actor Steven Yeun’s name was missing for the second week in a row from the show’s opening credits. 

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