The WA Premier Colin Barnett Made An Emotional Apology To The State's Parliament Over Browse

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WA’s premier has made a candid apology to fellow lawmakers over Woodside Petroleum’s decision not to develop the Browse onshore LNG plant at James Price Point.

According to the West Australian, here’s what Colin Barnett said in parliament last night:

“I’ve failed to get the project – LNG – to James Price Point.

“I’ve failed to create the thousands of jobs for West Australians. I’ve failed to create the opportunity for WA industry.

“And most important I have failed the Aboriginal people.

“They placed their trust in me, and I have let them down.”

Woodside recently confirmed it would use offshore processing instead of an onshore plant for the gas fields at James Price Point, north of Broome.

Some blame was also heaped onto the company:

“I am also disappointed in Woodside. I have worked with Woodside over the years and I think they have let down this State in the way they have gone about some of their decisions recently,” Barnett said.

“There would be no company in WA history that has had the degree of support from successive governments as Woodside has.”

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