Grand Theft Auto IV Voice: I've Been Robbed! (TTWO)


Ever heard of Michael Hollick? Of course not. But you may have heard his voice: He’s the guy reading the lines for Niko Bellic, the main character of Grand Theft Auto IV (TTWO). Which means that millions of gamers have heard him shoot, stab, and punch his way through Liberty City.

But in a NYT story, Hollick says he’s not getting paid enough for his voice-over (and motion capture work): He received about $100,000 over 15 months, about $1,050 per day. That’s about 50% more than the general negotiated rate by the Screen Actors Guild.

Hollick doesn’t blame Take-Two but instead attacks the Screen Actors Guild, which he says hasn’t been a strong advocate for actors who work on games. Fair enough. But he’d have a stronger argument if he could point to a single example where someone bought a video game based on someone’s voice work.

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