This Video Of A Bike Rider Being Accosted By Queensland Police Has Now Been Viewed Over Half A Million Times


“Am I some kind of threat to you?” the motorbike rider asks the police officer as the number of squad cars grows to three, then four, then five.

Jamie Evans, a 45-year-old Brisbane man, likes to spend part of his weekend riding his Harley-Davidson, sometimes alone and sometimes with a social club, the Misfits.

This month he was alone when questioned by police at a petrol station where he was topping off fuel before heading home.

He was wearing a leather vest with the name of his social club on it, the Misfits. He was approached by police flexing Queensland’s new anti-bikie law, VLAD (Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act), which makes it a crime to belong to organisations declared criminal.

The video he took of the incident has now had more than half a million times and has been the subject of an embarrassing apology from the state’s top police officer.

Evans gave the police his licence, full name, address and date of birth. He was also breath tested and returned negative for alcohol.

“At this point, with so many cops standing around me with hands on weapons I said I was going to record them. The officer replied that it is within my rights,” Jamie explained in comments his YouTube clip.

Here’s his record of what happened:

The Misfits social club isn’t a declared criminal group and civil rights groups are saying this is an example of ordinary people being targeted.

Jamie Evans didn’t receive an infringement, he has no criminal history and his bike complies with Queensland regulations.

“The only reason I filmed this and was a little disrespectful is the fact that I have been detained 21 times in less than 12 months,” he says.

After the 5 cars and 10 police left, another car with three police arrived. They “proceeded to detain me to check my license and drug test me,” he said.

At one stage he tells the police: “You’ve pulled me over 21 times for no reason and I’ve had two infringements and I’ve fought them both in court and won them both because they were bogus. I’ve got no respect for cops, I’m sorry.”