Here's How You Can Use Video To Drive SEO Performance

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Video communications is dramatically changing the business landscape.  From a steady early adoption of video conferencing, we’ve seen a number of incredibly powerful and varied applications of video emerge in recent years.  

Wall Street traders are now viewing the latest stock reports on their Blackberries, and CEOs have the power to broadcast company messages anywhere in the world to everyone the world over.  Video has even aided government agencies to connect teams out in the field with central command stations in a secure and real-time manner.

The true value of video communications only continues to grow as its reach expands to outside an organisation’s four walls.  We’re now seeing the power of video dramatically bolstering the marketing function.  Marketers can extend business awareness and bolster SEO by utilising video to broadcast their company’s thought leadership and product or service offerings to an unlimited audience.

If your organisation has yet to embrace this technology, the time has come to ask yourself, “Why not?”

At the heart of today’s increased adoption of video in the workplace lies the acceptance of social media. Although YouTube remains a consumer phenomenon, it has rocketed streaming video into the popular consciousness.  The site has proven that streaming video can be a powerful tool for influence, education and leadership.  Forward-looking businesses are using this to their advantage and incorporating streaming video into their marketing strategies at a fraction of the cost it took to do so five years ago.

Video meets social media

Companies are increasingly under the gun to replicate the successes of such big brands like Apple and Dunkin doughnuts who have successfully utilized social media channels to market themselves to the masses. Whether or not you have the same brand cache, rich media communications has proven to be the most effective way to make your marketing efforts stand out from the competition.  

Video not only attracts viewers, it captures and holds their attention by delivering all the emotion and body language needed to effectively convey your message.  Video also allows you to engage a viewer on a personal level, create trust and direct them to take an action.

Video driving SEO performance

The impact of video can be measured more accurately today than ever before.  Its interactive tendencies result in high click through rates for web pages, which ultimately impacts SEO for the better. Forrester Research recently reported that a web page with video is 53 times more likely to come up in the first page of a Google search, compared with a text-only web page with the same content.  In order to have such a measureable impact, it’s important to leverage your video effectively.

Make sure any videos you upload are properly coded to optimise keyword searches, which allows you to track search engine statistics.  You can do this by assigning the most commonly used words people use to find your company, its products or its industry. Also, include the key words, names of people in the video, the company, the topic or sub-topics included in the video and other, more general terms that anyone might use in a web search.

Tactics aside, video is a highly personalised medium to utilise when conducting business-to-business or business-to-customer communications.  Business leaders are discovering how simple it is (and beneficial) to combine live video with other rich media content, like presentations, graphics and animations and stream it to a variety of audiences.  Streaming video serves as a high-profile solution to not only connect with one’s target audience, but to deliver another key – and often undervalued – element of social media: authenticity. Unlike ghost-written blogs or Twitter feeds, a video message from your company’s CEO cannot be faked.
Not convinced?

I’d compare this video revolution to the likes of social media two years ago.  Back then, companies saw the phenomenon as ancillary to their everyday activities, even a nuisance as employees took time away from work to update their profiles, but now social media is a critical component of a company’s communications strategy and those who didn’t get involved before are playing catch-up.  Streaming video is following a very similar path, and it’s time to get on board before you’re left behind.

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