AT&T Making Text Messaging Cheaper As Free Text Messaging Apps Get More Popular

AT&T iphone verizon

AT&T plans on changing its text messaging rates next week according to a leaked screen shot obtained by Andru Edwards at GearLive.

The new rates will be $10 for 1,000 messages, or unlimited messages for $20. (If you go over your $10 allotment, you have to pay $0.10 per message.)

Previously, the plans were $5 for 200 messages or $15 for 1,500 messages.

Why the switch? Because it’s getting easier than ever to avoid paying for text messages. Whether it’s through Google Voice, IM, or any number of apps available for Android or iPhone.

Those apps are disrupting the texting business model. (It hardly costs a thing to send a text message, but carriers still charge outrageous rates.)

To deter any customers from switching to free texting options, it’s smart to try and lock them in with decent rates. Especially since it’s infinitely easier to use the built in text app than some third party option.

The new text plans are supposed to take effect January 23.

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