The Vatican Is Not Happy With A New Sculpture Of Pope John Paul II That Looks A Lot Like Mussolini

pope statue
The sculpture (left) and Pope John Paul II (right)

The Vatican is not pleased with a massive statue of Pope John II that was recently unveiled outside Rome’s Termini Train Station.The sculpture, by Italian artist Oliviero Rainaldi, depicts the late Pope with his head bowed and cloak open.

But the Vatican’s official newspaper wrote Friday that the bust bears “only a distant resemblance to the Pope,” according to the AP.

The Holy See is not the only one unhappy with the rendering.

According to the AP:

Some Romans and tourists say the bronze statue looks more like Italy’s wartime dictator Benito Mussolini than the widely beloved pope.

“How could they have given such a kind pope the head of a Fascist?” said 71-year-old Antonio Lamonica.

As he pondered the statue in the bustling square, his wife muttered: “It’s ugly. Really ugly. Very ugly.”

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