The Valley Girl Meets SimpleGeo

SimpleGeo cofounder Matt Galligan and Joe StumpYou want shovels? We got shovels!

Location-based services are the biggest trend since social media, and Bay Area startup SimpleGeo is trying to cash in.Joe Stump, founder and CTO of SimpleGeo says, “It’s a gold rush and we’re selling the shovels.”

What began as an idea for a location-based gaming company transformed into SimpleGeo when Joe and Matt Galligan (CEO) realised they needed to build some serious infrastructure to support any kind of location-based platform. And so the caterpillar became a butterfly.

(Many have wrongly speculated that SimpleGeo is in competition with companies like Foursquare and Gowalla. What Joe and Matt are creating is actually a type of foundation for these companies. In fact, they were the first to get access to Foursquare’s code.)

SimpleGeo is what I would call a stat dude’s dream. It all has to do with query searches. 

Let’s say you want to track every tweet sent over the last four days at your local mall (Query 1) and while you are checking out that info, you want to compare it to how many people are using Foursquare at the same time in the same place (Query 2) and so on and so forth. 

SimpleGeo cofounder Matt Galligan and Joe StumpSimpleGeo works out of a corner of First Round Capital’s office.

SimpleGeo’s latest product, being launched this week, is a brand spankin’ new “marketplace” where partners will be able to custom create that kind of very detailed layered queries.SimpleGeo is also implementing a “bread crumb” or unique ID number that makes it so you can track something for say, 24 hours and have it expire at a particular time.

To date, SimpleGeo has raised about $1.5 million from some pretty rockin’ angels including Ron Conway, Kevin Rose and Shawn Fanning.

And how are they going to make money? For now, it’s with partnerships, of which they have 5,000; Skyhook, LocalEze, Metacarta to name a few. Partners pay different amounts based on how many queries they want (You get 1 million for free).  Prices start around $300 a month and grow from there.

If SimpleGeo could throw in something to solve the Nielsen rating system and show who’s watching what at what time and where, they’re golden.

Jesse Draper

Jesse Draper is a professional American actress and entrepreneur. A graduate of UCLA’s School of theatre, Film and Television, she is most well known for her role as Jesse, the tutor, from Nickelodeon’s hit show “The Naked Brother’s Band”. Hoping to inspire and educate those who live a life at the office, along with those who are intimidated and bored by the word “business”, she created “The Valley Girl Show” to find the entrepreneur inside of everyone!

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