The US Women's Gymnastics Team Completely Fell Apart In The Individual Event Finals

mckayla maroney vault

Photo: NBC

Everyone fell in love with the U.S. Women’s gymnastics team after they won the team gold last week.And then the adorable Gabby Douglas stole the hearts of America when she easily took gold in the individual all-around.

But the team has barely done anything in the individual event finals the past three days.

McKayla Maroney, who everyone said was a sure gold medalist in the vault fell on her butt and only got silver, Jordyn Wieber didn’t get a single medal, and Gabby Douglas messed up her bar routine and fell of the beam, not receiving a single medal either.

On Sunday, McKayala Maroney had one near perfect vault...

All she had to do on her second was land in bounds and she fell on her butt.

Gabby Douglas was off to a good start in her bar routine yesterday until she made a HUGE error by going the wrong way after a handstand and got a big deduction

Gabby messed up again this morning when she fell off the beam

And Jordyn Wieber, possibly the biggest disappointment of the team, stepped out of bounds several times on her floor routine today

She was not happy.

Aly Raisman, however, was the surprise champion of the individual event finals

Raisman took home bronze on the beam, and gold on the floor.

McKayla Maroney also took home silver on the vault.

And let's not take away any credit from the girls' awesome successes in the team finals, and Gabby's gold. We just wish we saw more from them in the individual events.

They are a relatively young squad, so we could see a few of them back in Rio for another shot

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