The US Navy Tweeted An Intense Holiday Card

Navy cardUS NavyThe US Navy’s holiday card with a warship on patrol in the background.

The US Navy tweeted out a hawkish holiday card featuring a cargo ship carrying presents and a destroyer warship lurking in the background. The card includes the play on words, “presence matters because your presents matter.”

The #PresenceMatters campaign refers to the Navy’s increased goal of being able to use aircraft carriers to act from the sea without landing on foreign territory.

“With our aircraft carriers, we don’t rely on access to another nation’s runways, we bring our own. The world’s oceans give the Navy the power to protect America’s interests anywhere, and at any time. When our national security is threatened by the existence of a weapons facility or a terrorist camp on the other side of the world, presence matters,” according to Juan Garcia, Assistant Secretary of the Navy. 

The sheer dominance of the US Navy is clear when the number of American aircraft carriers is compared to other countries:

Here is the tweet:

And here’s the card from last year: 

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