INFOGRAPHIC: Guess Who Employs The Most Gen-Y People In America?

The U.S. military is the largest employer overall and Deloitte — one of the Big Four accounting firms — is the largest corporate employer of Generation Y’ers, according to a recent study conducted by Millennial Branding.

For those who aren’t working at Starbucks or Walmart — both top employers for 18-to-29-year-olds — startups are the dominating workforce in this entrepreneurial demographic. Furthermore, “owner” is the fifth-most popular job title among this age group and only 7% of Gen. Y’ers actually work in Fortune 500 companies.

This generation is expected to form 75% of the workforce by 2025 so companies employing them should give them an opportunity to “operate entrepreneurially within the corporation by giving them control over their time, activities and budgets as much as possible.”

The study also says Gen. Y’ers use Facebook profiles for personal rather than professional purposes because they identify more with their colleges than workplaces. Most of them are job-hopping and working in the travel and hospitality industry.

See more findings below:

Millennial Branding infograph

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