The US military is investing in Hoverbikes

The US Defence Department has taken a turn towards fulfilling the dreams of Star Wars fans everywhere. 

The DoD has announced that it has struck a deal with UK developers Malloy Aeronautics and their US partner firm SURVICE to create and develop a functional multi-role Hoverbike platform.

The Hoverbike will be developed as part of a new class of Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle and Malloy Aeronautics intends for the bike to replace many of the missions that helicopters currently are employed to carry out. 

“There are a lot of advantages of the Hoverbike over a regular helicopter. Primarily there’s safety,” Grant Stapleton, Malloy’s marketing sales director, told Reuters. “With adducted rotors you immediately not only protect people and property if you were to bump into them, but if you ever were to bump into somebody or property it’s going to bring the aircraft out of the air.”

Malloy intends for the Hoverbike to be able to carry out many of the same jobs as a helicopter.

Although still in early stages, the Hoverbike prototype can carry out loitering missions, is able to effectively manoeuvre, and can be programmed to follow pre-determined flight paths. 

Ultimately, the Hoverbike is intended to be able to perform reconnaissance, troop transport over rough terrain, and supply transportation missions. 

Able to function both as a manned and unmanned vehicle, the Hoverbike is also designed to excel at military and humanitarian missions. 

At this point the Hoverbike is intended only for research and development purposes. 

You can view the the Malloy promotional video below: 

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