The US is reportedly changing the face of the $10 bill

10 dollar bill

Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew is set to announce on Thursday that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will remove Alexander Hamilton from the ten dollar bill, in favour of a woman.

The change could happen as soon as 2020.

The announcement came via Nancy Lindborg, president of the US Institute of Peace, who tweeted out the news.

The IJ Review is reporting that Lindborg’s tweet was premature.

France24 White House correspondent Philip Crowther is reporting that Lindborg broke an embargo on the news.

 CNN’s Michelle Kosinski alluded to the embargo on Wednesday as well.

While it has yet to be announced who will grace the ten dollar bill, Lindborg invited people to sound off on Twitter with the hashtag #TheNewTen.

 Not everyone took it seriously.

More than a few people were unhappy with the news.

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