The US Air Force just resurrected a 60-year-old B-52 bomber from its 'boneyard' to fight another day

307th Bomb Wing‘Wise Guy.’
  • The US Air Force has brought a B-52 bomber back from the dead, pulling “Wise Guy” out of the “boneyard” for continued service.
  • The aircraft was delivered to the 307th Bomb Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base on Tuesday for continued service.
  • This bomber is only the second B-52 to ever be brought back from the boneyard. The other was a bomber nicknamed “Ghost Rider.”
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A decommissioned B-52H Stratofortress heavy, long-range bomber nicknamed “Wise Guy” was brought back from the Air Force’s “boneyard” and delivered to an operational unit, the Air Force announcedTuesday.

Col. Robert Burgess, the commander of the 307th Operations Group, 307th Bomb Wing, flew the aircraft back to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana on Tuesday, The War Zone reported.

“We are excited about the wing’s role in bringing this jet back into service,” Burgess <a href=”″>told</a> reporters. “Its return is a testament to the skill of our Airmen in restoring the bomber for regular use in the Air Force.”

307th Bomb WingThe art on the side of ‘Wise Guy.’

The bomber will replace the B-52 that crashed in Guam three years ago, bringing the size of the B-52H fleet back to 76, the maximum permitted by US-Russia arms control agreements.

307th Bomb Wing‘Wise Guy’ being delivered to the 307th Bomb Wing.

“Wise Guy” was first delivered in fiscal year 1960 and served with the 5th Bomb Wing out of Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota before the powerful bomber was sent to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, which handles the “boneyard” at Davis-Mothan Air Force Base in Arizona, in 2008.

US Air Force/Facebook‘Wise Guy’ at Barksdale Air Force Base, May 14, 2019.

When it was retired, someone left a note on an internal panel hinting that “Wise Guy” might one day return to service. The message <a href=”″>read</a>: “AMARG, this is 60-034, a Cold Warrior that stood sentinel over America from the darkest days of the Cold War to the global fight against terror. Take good care of her… until we need her again.”

US Air Force/Facebook‘Wise Guy’ lands at Barksdale Air Force Base, May 14, 2019.

“Wise Guy” is the second B-52 to ever return from the “boneyard.” The other, a bomber nicknamed “Ghost Rider,” was brought back and delivered to the 307th Bomb Wing in 2015.

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