The Unpredictable "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen

One of the best minds in wrestling returned to Ring of honour wrestling on Sunday June 26th after losing a match that would keep him exiled from ROH for what was to be for the rest of his career. The mere reference of Kevin Steen in the last six months in ROH would receive a pretty good pop from the crowd and chants of his moniker “Mr. Wrestling” to ring throughout the arena. It was pretty clear that despite the angle from Final Battle 2010 and it appearing that Steen & ROH definitely had parted ways, the fans of Ring of honour wanted him back.

It wasn’t until the last two weeks on ROH’s website that it appeared Kevin Steen would show up at the iPPV in NYC, “Best in the World 2011.” The mention of Steve Corino calling out Kevin Steen for backup against “The House of Truth” in NYC created quite the stir amongst wrestling fans. It was apparent that Kevin Steen would be making, what many fans believed to be, and his long awaited return to Ring of honour wrestling.

In the era of Social Networking we would see Kevin Steen use his twitter handle as a way to push his return to ROH. His handle went from the sadistic “Kill Steen Kill” to the newly guided “Steen is Change.” He would also use his own website to blog about why he wanted a “2nd chance,” that he had “changed” and that Ring of honour was his “home.”

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