The Underwater Robot Searching For MH370 Has Covered An Area The Size Of About 10,848 Football Fields

Bluefin-21 has searched 90 square kilometres of the Southern Indian Ocean. Image: Peter D. Blair/U.S. Navy via Getty Images.

An underwater drone searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight off the coast of Western Australia has covered 90 square kilometres since it was launched on Monday.

Overnight the Bluefin-21 AUV completed a full mission in the search area after it was forced to resurface on Wednesday because of technical problems.

The unmanned underwater vehicle has to date covered 90 square kilometres of ocean floor in the search zone which is about 2,170 kilometres north west of Perth.

The visual search area totals 40,349 square kilometres, 12 aircraft and 11 ships are pressing on with observation searches.

A sample from an oil slick collected by Navy boat Ocean Shield in the area has now arrived in Perth for testing.

Data from Bluefin-21’s latest mission is still being analysed.

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