The Ultimate Warrior And Hulk Hogan Offered 100 Grand To Face Off

The Ultimate Warrior has spent the last month “exposing” Hulk Hogan through a series of You Tube videos. The Warrior has had a lot to say about the Hulkster, but would he say it to his face? One pro wrestling promoter is asking that same question and has put up six figures to find out.

We have all seen of the Ultimate Warrior’s videos and read the reports about the Warrior’s “shoot interview” series, produced by himself that he posted on You Tube. This 55-minute series was posted specifically to “expose” his former WrestleMania VI opponent Hulk Hogan. The accusations range from the funny to the offensive as the Warrior takes shots at Hogan’s hair, Hogan’s family, Hogan’s relationship with Randy Savage, and more.

Hulk Hogan has offered very little response to the accusations. Hogan told at one point that he was going to seek legal action against the Warrior. That hasn’t happened yet and I don’t think it will happen. Hogan has brushed off the Warrior’s accusations.

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